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Connecting business and technology | Head of software development | Leading Agile and Continuous delivery transformation
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I'm an experienced Head of IT in a technologically advanced environment. I’m an innovator and think out-of-the-box. When working on new topics or technologies I get passionate about it and drive the change or migration. With that passion, I’m able to move people to change and coach them in the transition with humor, attention and feedback. I learn quickly and can oversee things from different perspectives. I have in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry and I have a good overview of modern technologies and architectures in IT. I can cope with the political environment of senior management and can be quite persuasive, also for people who are higher in hierarchy. I use this to get things done as I’m particularly result oriented.

I’m passionate about topics such as agile, Kanban, DevOps and continuous delivery, and the management of the cultural, organizational and technological changes associated with these approaches. I’m experienced in working agile with self-organizing teams. I also supported and coached the transition from a traditional environment to the agile way of working as a senior manager. I believe in enabling people to thrive at work by being transparent and by empowering them, all to deliver value in the hands of the customer. 

Although a nerd at heart, I also have over a decade of experience in product development and comparable managerial roles on the other side: the business. I can understand the language of product owners and users to bridge the gap between IT and business. I’m also a speaker at national and international conferences on topics such as agile and continuous delivery.

Kim van Wilgen At Buildstuff Odessa


The continuous culture

Buildstuff, Vilnius, November 2017

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

Trondheim Developer Conference (TDC), Trondheim, October 2017

The continuous culture

TopConf Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf DE, October 2017

The continuous culture

Agile Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL, September 2017

The continuous culture & Lightning talk Learning organisations

SwanseaCon, Swansea UK, September 2017

The continuous culture

SDD, London UK, May 2017

The continuous culture

Buildstuff summer, Mallorca ES, April 2017

How continuous delivery will change the DNA of your company

Devon Summit, Delft NL, March 2017

The continuous culture

SDN, Zeist NL, March 2017

Travel guide to continuous delivery

Continuous delivery conference, Bussum NL, December 2016

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

GSE NatConf, Almere NL, November 2016

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

Guest speaker at IT works course on microservices, October 2017

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

GeeCON, Prague CZ, October 2016

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

SwanseaCon, Swansea UK, September 2016

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

Buildstuff on the beach, Odessa, July 2016


Here you'll find some videos of my talks. I hope you enjoy them.




I'd be happy to hear from you for feedback on my talks or workshops, or to see if we can work together on some challenges.

I live in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Mail me at kim@kimvanwilgen.com

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